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Land Use Questions
Sometimes a property owner or a potential property buyer isn't sure what they can do with a property. Can they build on it? Can they develop it? What permits do they need? Do they need an eagle habitat plan? Geotechnical survey? Drainage narrative?

Young Associates works to identify what can and what can't be done based on zoning, critical areas, city, state and county regulations, and other factors. We can help our clients navigate through the labyrinth of codes, regulations, and permits:

• Research properties prior to or after purchase to help determine what needs to be done to develop or build on the property.

• Prepare property Feasibility Studies, including gathering and compiling information to assist in determining the feasibility of purchasing and developing a property, such as determining zoning, wetland areas, eagle habitat, septic/water availability, bank stabilization, easements, access, or other issues that would impact the use or development of a parcel.

• Act as a liaison with city, county and state officials, or other regulatory bodies regarding requirements for property use and development.

• Coordinate land development including: long- and short-platting; site improvements and land use challenges; road, septic, water systems, and utilities construction.