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Representation for Property Owners
Sometimes a property owner just needs someone to represent their interests. Someone who is on "their side". Perhaps it's an out-of-area owner who needs a professional to represent them when they can't be at the project. Sometimes an owner may not have the necessary depth of knowledge about construction practices and procedures, and needs some coaching. Sometimes we provide the expertise in managing a project or researching a parcel that would be onerous or too time consuming for an owner to do. Whatever the situation, Young Associates can:

• Represent the owner and their interests throughout all phases of a project.

• Research specific properties and prepare feasibility studies prior to property purchase.

• Act as a liaison between the owner, architect, engineers, contractors, banks, and regulatory agencies.

• Assemble, submit and expedite permit applications, and track them through the approval process. Young Associates has developed good working relationships with building officials and their staffs, and understands the regulatory procedures, the problems that can be encountered, and possible solutions.

• Coordinate land development including: platting, site improvements, road construction, septic and water systems.

• Make site visits as requested or required. These can vary from occasional site visits to full time oversight depending on the owners’ requirements and the needs of the project through its various phases.

• Document problems and delays, and tenaciously work to develop and implement positive solutions.

• Firm and fair negotiation of changes and contract close-outs.

• Help reduce or eliminate an owners' need to use valuable personal time to oversee a project.