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Permitting Processes
Young Associates can work with designers, architects and owners to assemble, submit and expedite permit applications, and track them through the approval process.

We have developed good working relationships with building officials and their staffs, and understand regulatory procedures, the problems that can be encountered, and can suggest possible solutions.

In order to help avoid delays and long waits for permit approval, Young Associates helps our clients submit complete permit packages. We provide the attention to detail that is vital when compiling information to meet county, city, or state requirements.

Once a permit is submitted, we work to track the application throughout the approval process, making sure that any questions or concerns are addressed as rapidly as possible. We have had a great deal of success in shortening the time from application submission to receiving the approved permit.

We can help with all types of permits, including building permits, electrical permits, Short- and Long- platting, grading and drainage, access permits, shoreline development, and others.