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Support for Owner-Builders
Our homes are our biggest investment, and owner-builders are often trying to save money on the building process by doing as much of the work as they can. Young Associates has extensive, hands-on experience in all phases of state-of-the-art residential construction methods, materials and techniques, and can support an owner-builder throughout a project.

Young Associates can help owners in five specific ways:

1. We have substantial experience "coaching" owner-builders through a construction project. We answer questions and explain the different construction processes and techniques. We can be a behind-the-scenes ally for an owner, depending on their individual needs.

2. Pre-construction planning: Assist in determining the tasks that need to be accomplished and the best way to sequence them; identify potential problems and possible solutions; and find ways to expedite the project to save money and time.

3. Work with the owner to help identify the participants in the project such as architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors, etc., and help negotiate contracts with them that are fair, reasonable and in the owners’ best interests. We can help an owner determine what work they want to do themselves and where they need assistance, and encourage teamwork throughout the project.

4. Review the plans, specifications, and any proposed changes, and suggest ways to save money on materials and services. Assist in budgeting, cost projections, compilation and review of progress; liaison with banks and lenders for progress information and payments, budgets, schedule of values, billing data, and invoices.

5. Work to resolve problems or disputes between owners, regulatory bodies, architects/designers, engineers, and sub-contractors.