Research and Development Projects

Young Associates provides a broad range of professional program management and contract administration services for research and development projects.

Young Associates provides program services designed to help lighten program management and administrative burdens by providing careful, organized oversight of project requirements, performance, and deliverables. We have the flexibility to work independently of, or closely with, staff and personnel, based on the requirements of the Principal Investigator and project participants.

Young Associates has extensive experience managing multi-million dollar R & D projects from initial proposal creation prior to contract award, throughout all the phases of a project. We are able to offer complete program management and contract administration services including:

• Skilled, experienced and tactful liaison with project participants including government agencies, academic institutions, regulatory bodies, engineers, contractors, and industry representatives.
• Timely responses to agency requirements and requests.
• Contract document review and analysis to assist our clients in dealing with complex contracts by identifying potential problems, conflicts, and requirements.
• Careful analysis of contract documents for requirements and deliverables to develop a global overview of the project and the administrative requirements that need to be fulfilled.
• On-site project management as needed or required.
• Project documentation, including: Creation and setup of documentation systems to facilitate information capture, tracking, and retrieval; proactive participation in the documentation process; and document preparation and review. We have substantial experience in procedures required for complex government and private sector contracts.
• Assistance in proposal compilation and preparation.
• Compilation of technical reports, progress information, billing data, and invoices.
• Create project presentations for meetings and progress reviews.
• Perform management or administrative tasks on an as-needed basis, which can help reduce or eliminate the need to hire or reassign valuable personnel to oversee a project.

Completed Research and Development Projects

Young Associates provided project management services and acted as program manager for two Marine Administration MARITECH research and development projects of $1.2 and $8.5 million, involving University of California, San Diego as prime, three shipyards, the US Coast Guard, University of Washington, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MARAD, and numerous industrial participants.

Young Associates created documentation procedures, presentations, performed contract administration, prepared schedules and reports, monitored budgets and invoices, liaison with academic institutions, government and industry, and expedited procurement of materials and services for the projects.

•Coordinated over $1 million in changes to the scope of research and development work on one MARITECH project, without any loss of funding nor delay in payments to the participants.
•Streamlined project invoicing and tracking of results, facilitating a smooth flow of funding and prompt close-outs of the projects.
•Organized, compiled and created custom project presentations in PowerPoint, and facilitated project review meetings and symposia.
•Compiled information and wrote monthly and quarterly reports to the funding agencies, adhering to the strict specifications of the agencies’ technical advisors.
•Successfully mediated disagreements between the participants.