What some of our clients say about Young Associates...

As we close out our six-month studio extension project on Whidbey, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent services over this period. We appreciated the orchestration of tasks; the quality of subcontractors and the attention to detail that were directlly attributable to your project management services. We also are grateful for your deep understanding of the project and your suggestions thoughout, which definitely improved the outcome.

We would be pleased to recommend your services to prospective clients. Please feel free to share this letter as you see fit.

Best Wishes,
M and J

We built our house in 2004, acting as our own contractors. We hired Young Associates Project Services to be our safety net - experts that we could rely on to ensure that our project went smoothly. We are very satisfied with the value of their service and the working relationship we developed. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an advocate in the building process. They can be relied on to represent both owner/builders and homeowners hiring builders with invaluable expertise and the highest ethical standards. We give them significant credit for the success of our project.

Heidi H.
Snohomish County, Washington

Young Associates Project Services was indispensible to putting a new addition onto our church. They contributed their expertise in so many ways. Whether it was working with a lawyer and helping us find our way through a boundary line adjustment or helping us schedule volunteers at appropriate times, they were quite capable of handling the most complex and most simple of our project's tasks. We found them to be very competent in the building process, as well. They did take-offs for materials lists, provided oversight of bids, helped in scheduling and sequencing the construction process, and gave advice in raising funds. We expecially appreciated the role they played as a liason between us and our county's building department. Because of their involvement we were able to comply competely with our county's requirements and maintain a positive reputation in our community which is extremely valuable to us as a church. I highly recommend Young Associates Project Services.

Senior Pastor
Greenbank, Washington

As the person in charge of overseeing the contract for the construction of a new community water system, I engaged the firm of Young Associates Project Services to help with billing and construction changes. The contract progressed and concluded uneventfully, and we came in financially right on schedule.

Young Associates provided all the help we needed, and I feel they were a key factor in our success.

Richard T.
Past President, Homeowner's Assn.
Clinton, Washington

Young Associates has provided construction management services and dealt with entitlement issues with the county for us over a period of three years. We live in Texas, but own a home and associated acreage on South Whidbey Island. We have found that every project we have encountered, from drilling a well to gaining an access easement, involved negotiations with multiple parties including neighbors and a variety of island permitting officials. Young Associates handled these issues for us with discretion, integrity, and success.

Ron has allowed us to complete projects as if we had been able to be on location for the entire project and monitor every detail ourselves. I think many of the issues we assigned to Ron turned out better than they might have if we had managed them ourselves. Ron approached problems objectively, with experience and without emotion.

Because the firm is compensated on an hourly consulting basis rather than on commission, Ron represents only the owner’s best interest. He is not beholden to any contractors, subcontractors, or commission arrangements which typically provide conflicts of interest between an owner and those building his or her home.

Ron steps into the owner’s shoes and takes only the owner’s position. He can line up contractors, subs, work through permitting issues, and monitor construction quality from start to finish. This is an extremely valuable resource from the smallest to the largest projects and will, I believe, save the owner time, money and stress. The contractual relationship between an owner and his contractor is fundamentally flawed in that the incentives provided to the contractor are not in the best interest of the owner. The contractor makes money according to how much he spends on the house, not based on the quality or thrift of his work. In addition, the contractor wants to please his subs so they will work for him again. The contractor will typically deal with his sub over and over while the relationship with the owner is most often a one-time event. An owner inexperienced with building a home will typically not understand how expensive and annoying this conflict can become.

I recommend that anyone planning a residential construction project engage Ron first. The owner will gain access to all of Ron’s contacts and experience without becoming beholden to anyone with conflicts of interest. The owner can then guide the project with Ron’s supervision, representation and objective advice. Under this scenario, the owner will truly have the potential to get the best quality house at the best price. And, just as important, will have a good time along the way.

Best Regards,
Richard and Krista
Dallas, Texas

We are in the process of remodeling our house, and had Young Associates in at the beginning, giving advice on miscellaneous items and details, meeting with the contractor on procedures, and they will follow the construction through to the finish.

We are pleased and satisfied with the results so far, and feel it was a good decision to have them on board.

Clinton, Washington


...Of particular value to us was the liaison Young Associates provided with the officials in the county planning department. Due to their assistance we were well-prepared for the various inspections necessary as the project progressed. In addition, their counsel at every step of the construction project was invaluable. At what points we needed to call on professional contractors they provided us with useful suggestions.

To say we were well satisfied with the services provided to us by Young Associates is a gross understatement. In reality, I do not see how we could have completed this undertaking without their involvement.

D.S., Greenbank, Washington

What some professionals say about Young Associates...
Young Associates is a valuable resource for clients who want professional representation on their building projects when they can't do that for themselves. Jocelyn keeps the data organized; Ron does the same for the people involved. Their teamwork and attention to both detail and relationships is remarkable in the industry. Good folks doing good work...

Mira Jean Steinbrecher, AIA
Jean Steinbrecher Architects
Langley, Washington

As a local residential building designer, I have many clients who need help with land use questions. Ron and Jocelyn of Young Associates have proven to be knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable. They have demonstrated that they are a great resource for Whidbey Islanders in the design, permitting, or building process, who very often need exactly the assistance they provide. I recommend their services regularly to my clients.

Deb Asplund, Vision Works
Freeland, Washington