Completed Commercial Projects

FHP Medical/Dental Facility, Laguna Hills, California

This HMO facility is located near Leisure World, one of the largest retirement communities in the country, and was designed to fulfill senior health needs in the community. We provided overall project management services, scheduling, and sub-contractor oversight, as well as troubleshooting.
Safeway Ice Cream Plant, Myrtle Point, Oregon
The only manufacturing facility in this small town near the Oregon Coast, the plant was constructed to replace a similar plant that had burned to the ground. It was a fast- track project that was completed on time, and within budget. This was very important because each day the plant was out of operation impacted the local economy and peoples’ lives significantly.

Boeing 777 Factory Expansion, Everett, Washington
This was a was a $400 million fast track, design-build project contracted by the Austin Company that added 1,300,000 square feet to the Everett Boeing Plant. Responsibilities included supervising over $100 million in contracts and material purchases over the course of 3 years. This included developing vendor/bidder lists, assembling bid packages, analyzing bids, negotiating contract awards, change orders and closeouts on 20 contracts valued in excess of $1 million each. During the course of the project, change order negotiations on just these contracts saved The Boeing Company a minimum of $800,000.

Powerline Undergrounding Project, Clinton, Washington
Young Associates provided construction management for this neighborhood power undergrounding project. We facilitated the selection, contracting, and oversight of utility companies, excavation, electrical and mechanical contractors, and performed cost control, dispute resolution, and project closeout.

Community Swimming Pool, Mapleton, Oregon
This project involved a completely enclosed community swimming pool complex whose construction had been started and then halted for three years due to lack of funding, problems with volunteers and committees, and construction problems. We stepped in and oversaw the completion of the facility, including the design and installation of senior/disabled accesses and lift placements, and incorporating ADA requirements throughout the facility.

Allstar Inns Salinas, California and Redding, California
Salinas was the 73rd Allstar Inn that had been constructed, and the building department was the most difficult one Allstar Inns had ever dealt with. A good working relationship was established with the local building officials. The project was completed on time, and within budget. Redding had gone through 3 project managers, and was severely behind schedule and over-budget. We were called in to completely reorganize the project and complete it. A stringent revised schedule for completing the project was created and met to the day.
Short Plat Project, Langley, Washington
This project involved platting and site development work to gain final plat approval, and included working with the City of Langley to determine and meet their requirements, coordinate the work of the civil engineer, develop a sitework bidder list and bid packages, negotiate contract award and provide construction oversight through final plat approval. The property owner was living out of the country at the time, and we represented his interests throughout the course of the project, including helping to resolve some significant engineering challenges.

Water System Replacement Project, Clinton, Washington
This project included the replacement of all of the antiquated water mains and branch lines for a residential community on Whidbey Island, and involved working with committees, the homeowners association, engineers, utility companies, health department officials, and contractors. The project was completed on time and under budget due to value-engineering and close monitoring of billings and changes to the scope of work.
Church Addition, Greenbank, Washington
Responsible for overall project oversight, which involved working with the Master Plan committee and Church board to facilitate the construction and hold the costs down. This included very close involvement in the resolution of boundary line and water rights disputes with an adjoining property owner, facilitating the selection, contracting, and oversight of civil engineers, architects, excavation, plumbing, mechanical and roofing contractors, as well as assisting with the coordination of numerous volunteers, and much troubleshooting.