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Project Management
Young Associates has extensive experience managing all sizes of projects, from project inception prior to contract award, through all phases of a project. We are able to offer complete management and contract oversight services including:

• Skilled, experienced, and tactful liaison with project participants, including architects, engineers, contractors, owners, lenders, regulatory bodies, and government agencies.

• Perform management and administrative tasks, working to lighten the management demands placed on project participants. We have substantial experience in documentation and management procedures.

• Review contracts, drawings and specifications to help ensure that our clients will be treated fairly and that good construction practices will be followed.

• Participate in negotiating contract terms, identifying and resolving potential problems and/or conflicts prior to the start of construction.

• Project documentation can include creation and setup of documentation systems to facilitate information capture, tracking and retrieval; proactive participation in the documentation process; document preparation and review; training in documentation procedures; photo, video, and/or written documentation of progress, delays or problems.

Pre-construction Planning
• Assist in determining the tasks that need to be accomplished and the best way to sequence them; identify potential problems and possible solutions; and find ways to expedite the project to save money and time.

• Work with the owner to identify the participants in the project such as architects, designers, engineers, subcontractors, etc., help negotiate contracts with them that are fair, reasonable and in the owners’ best interests, and encourage teamwork throughout the project.

• Review the plans, specifications, and any proposed changes, and suggest ways to save money on materials and services. Assist in budgeting, cost projections, compilation and review of progress; liaison with banks and lenders for progress information and payments, budgets, schedule of values, billing data, and invoices.

Problem Solving and Expediting
One of the crucial elements of successfully completing any project is the ability to solve a myriad of problems, resolve challenging situations, and, if at all possible, work to identify potential problems before they occur.

Young Associates has extensive experience solving problems that can happen at any phase of a project, from initial start up through all of a project's tasks, including regulatory challenges, change orders, materials procurement and delivery delays, contractor performance, and contract disputes. We have often been called in to reorganize projects that were severely off-track and behind schedule.

Young Associates has negotiated numerous contracts, changes, and disputes. We have facilitated negotiations on individual disputes and changes, some with values in excess of a million dollars per change order. At this time, all of the negotiations that we have been a part of have been settled, and none have gone to court or into litigation. We often work with clients to provide firm, fair dispute resolution, change negotiations, and contract closeout, usually saving money, time, and frustration for our client.

We can also analyze a project at any stage in its progress, or even after completion, for adherence to regulatory requirements and standard industry practices.

Young Associates takes a team approach to the investigation and resolution of problems and disputed issues, working with architects, engineers, and other trained specialists to identify the problem and propose solutions that are in our clients' best interests. We can also compile well-documented, professional reports for a client to use in negotiating with participants, dispute resolution, or closing out a project.

Some areas to identify could include:

• Is the building built to code?
• Is it safe and sound?
• Are there construction defects or flaws?
• Have the defects created other problems or issues?
• Have the requirements of the contract and specifications been met?

• Are there safety concerns?
• Settling or cracking?
• Is there mold or water intrusion?
• Have the problems affected the marketability of the property?
• Are there potential legal ramifications?