About Young Associates
Young Associates Project Services was founded in 1996 by principals Ron Young and Jocelyn Potter Young to serve a need for experienced project management for residential construction, commercial projects, and research and development projects.

Since that time, our capabilities have increased to include researching property issues, including creating feasibility studies and working with owners on land use issues and property development. We also coach owner-builders, negotiate between parties in disputes between project participants, and represent out-of-area property owners.

The principals of Young Associates have over 35 years combined experience in project management and administration in residential and commercial construction.

Since our main desire is to serve our clients, we can help with all types and sizes of projects.

Recently, Washington State Law was changed to require residential property developers, consultants, and some owners to register as contractors.  Since Young Associates consults on construction projects and helps direct or monitor the work, it became necessary for us to become registered General Contractors.  In December, 2008, we completed the paperwork and insurance requirements to become licensed and bonded in the state of Washington.  Our contractor registration number is YOUNGAP927RZ, and expires December 9, 2014.

The Mission
Young Associates strives to be a strong advocate and ally for construction management and land use clients, providing expert guidance and counsel so that our clients can reach their project goals.
Corporate Vision
To accomplish this mission, Young Associates will provide consulting services of the highest possible quality.

We will focus on our clients' needs first, and will organize and execute our services to be fully responsive to the needs of clients and potential clients.

We will strive to increase productivity by teaming with other consultants with complementary skills and similar values and/or teaming with other professionals in the execution of a project. This can reduce project risk by working with people who provide consistent, quality work.

Advanced technologies will be utilized and applied whenever possible.

Emphasis will be placed on cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and resource conservation, so that clients always receive full value for their money.

We will work to reduce or eliminate risk variables to protect our clients' interests.

Corporate Objectives
To fulfill Young Associates' mission and to achieve the vision of the company, the following objectives will guide corporate decisions:

Commitment to integrity, honesty, and excellence in our business practices.

Continuous improvement in expanding our base of knowledge, technical understanding and expertise so that the quality and efficacy of the services offered will continue to grow.